PPC Campaign Management for Magento Platform

Boost your sales with PPC (pay per click) campaigns in Google & Bing. Pay only for real qualified visitors on your site, keep control over your spending and help SEO to focus on keywords that generated high profit for you. Whether it will be a search, display or shopping ad campaigns we can help you to maximize the profit from every dollar you spent.

Our PPC solutions are tailored to the Magento eCommerce platform to increase the ROI of your pay per click campaigns.

Unlike most of the PPC agencies, we fully understand Magento and, unlike most of the Magento developers, we precisely know what PPC is all about. Our expertise in both fields gives you the highest possible outcome of your PPC efforts.

We are specialized in:

  • Google Adwords
  • BingAds
  • Google Merchant Feed
  • Display Advertising

We are able to work faster and more efficiently by reducing the time and cost of the communication between the PPC Agency and the Magento Development team. If you hand over the management of your PPC campaigns to our experts, not just your revenue will increase, but it will also be much more convenient for you to organize the cooperation between the two parties.


What does the service include?


  1. We need to carefully audit your current PPC campaigns and your website, including the conversion tracking and other technical settings.
  2. Better keyword research, we not only search for keywords you should advertise for, but we also determine which keywords you should not advertise for. Our unique, special formula of using ‘positive’ and ‘negative’ keywords will bring outstanding results.
  3. Continuous competitor monitoring. We use various tools not just to monitor your campaign success but monitor your competitors’ campaign activity as well.
  4. Ad copy generation and optimization. The first impression really counts, so we create precisely targeted ads for your products to maximize click-through rates for your ads.
  5. Landing page optimization. Directing your visitors to the right landing page is one of our key tasks, therefore we also make recommendations in terms of your landing pages to increase the conversion rate.
  6. Bid Optimization. We focus on your revenue so we use your budget the best possible way whether you have $3,000/month or $30,000/month.

To find out more about our Magento PPC management, give us a call at +44 (0) 7708 378 542 today. We can provide an initial free review about your current campaign.


PPC Campaign Management for Magento Platform


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