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Magento is one of the leading ecommerce solutions in the world, favoured mainly by medium-size and multinational commercial enterprises. Since Magento is an open-source, modular system, tradespeople like it for its flexibility and customizable nature. However, just these features cause the system to be quite robust.

Because of the complexity of the platform, the minimal hosting circumstances described on Magento’s webpage can be provided by almost none of the standard hosting service providers, because the same “packages” are applied to all their users, and thus they are not able to offer flexibility. Under real circumstances, most Magento ecommerce stores require special server settings and modules.

If you decide to build a Magento ecommerce store, it is essential to have a hosting service provider operating without a hitch and to have the appropriate support background and know-how at your disposal. Quite simply, from a business point of view it is just not worth the risk of not being able to serve your visitors or customers in your carefully designed ecommerce store at certain times, because of the weaknesses of the server hosting service.

Our VPS hosting service specializes in Magento ecommerce stores, so it has all the necessary functions and features:

  • Server environment  that can be parameterized independently for each client
  • Fast ecommerce store page load speeds
  • With our special speed-up procedures, even a 0.5 second load time can be achieved!
  • Daily backup; quick recovery in case of problems
  • If needed, the entire ecommerce store can be moved into an international cloud hosting environment (Amazon Web Services – AWS)
  • Ongoing support, hotfixes; we undertake 99.5% availability
  • Excellent value for money

We have nearly 100 servers of our own on the Hungarian backbone network, and among our clients you can find the following companies:

  • Nod32
  • Secret Controll GPS Remote Monitoring
  • MAHART Zrt
  • “Gémklub” Game ecommerce store
  • Mohanet Remote Monitoring

If you are not satisfied with your current Magento hosting service provider, please contact us for details of migration. If, after migration, you contract us for the further development of your ecommerce store, the integration of new developments, going live and possible troubleshooting will be much easier and faster.

For further information on our Magento hosting packages, please contact us: please give me a proposal

If you are interested in the very scalable cloud hosting solution of Amazon Web Services (AWS), please, click on the link for further information.


Magento VPS Hosting


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