Magento Support Services

Would you like to have a highly knowledgeable and experienced staff on hand on a continuous basis to increase the performance of your Magento ecommerce store? Would you like to ensure that we start working on your development requirements and requests within 24 hours?

We won’t leave you on your own. With our regular support service you will be able to contact us at any time to seek solutions for your problems and requests. Our development professionals will quickly start working on the solution.

Benefits of our monthly Magento support package:

  • Costs are predictable, as capacity will be saved for you each month in advance, and thus we will definitely have time for your project.
  • Under the support package contract we will commence developments within 24 hours of receiving the documented request. Without such a contract, this might take several weeks.
  • Within the timeframe set in the contract, you can set the priority of things to do. After we have priced the individual developments, you will decide which to order.
  • You can carry over any unused time to the next month, and thus reclassify your monthly timeframe, and collect hours for a major development task.
  • If a contract is signed for a longer term, e.g. for a year, we can offer you a discount. The details are subject to a separate agreement.
  • Competitive hourly rates at an excellent price.
  • With knowledge of the precise costs, you will be able to continuously measure the results due to the development of your ecommerce store, and to assess its usefulness.
  • All developments are made in a framework of efficient teamwork. The project manager will exclusively have your interests in mind, communicate directly and liaise regularly with the developer team and ensure that the deadlines are strictly met.

Whether you need minor or major development capacities, our monthly support package offers you an excellent, safe and convenient solution. Please allow us to help you maximise the performance of your ecommerce store.



Contact us if you have any question or requirement related to the preparation of a new or renewal of an existing online store.

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We will happily put our experience gained in complex and comprehensive international Magento projects at your disposal. No matter how complex your ecommerce project may be, we’re sure the mission can be completed.