Magento SEO Audit

Recommended for enterprises that already have a Magento ecommerce store, but aren’t satisfied with Google’s organic hit results, or want to start from an already good Google position with their new ecommerce store.

In case of a Magento SEO audit, we call attention to adherence to the technical rules that are critical and important according to Google’s guidelines. Our complex Magento SEO audit comprises all the programming errors in terms of SEO, SMO (Social Media Optimization), SEM (Search Engine Marketing), UX (User Experience), web ergonomics and typography. It is a one-time audit, which does not include any maintenance, advisory or coding services. However, based on this comprehensive report, if requested, our developers can make the necessary corrections and thus a significant improvement can be achieved in Google rankings. After the preparation of the audit document and the realization of the search engine optimization developments, it is possible to receive further monthly SEO maintenance and consultancy in the framework of our support packages, since Google continuously develops and changes its search engine algorithms to which we need to adjust in order to achieve good results.


The Magento SEO audit document consists of 3 major sections:

  • On-page SEO analysis for all page types of the ecommerce store
  • Detailed analysis of external links pointing to the ecommerce store
  • A comprehensive technical analysis including, for example, information on the speed of navigation, URL handling or the page as well.

In the recommendation, the actions to be taken are arranged into a priority-based, divided list stating which tasks can be done by the client and which require intervention on the developer’s behalf. For the latter we also give a price offer as part of the document. In the document, the elements of the page concerned with the information are indicated by screenshots.



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