Magento Project Rescue

We have frequently come across mistakes and Magento ecommerce stores run with inappropriate business processes. In many cases the ecommerce store owner resigns himself to the faults. Before such an unsatisfactory situation develops, the client is usually involved in a tug of war with the company engaged in ecommerce store development. Often, the ecommerce store owner feels helpless and at the mercy of the developer, thinking that looking for another developer might involve increased risk.

In many cases the owner does not have access to the code base of his own ecommerce store. We have created our project rescue service for such situations. In such a case the main effort is made to reassure the ecommerce store owner that no matter how hopeless the transfer of his or her project to another developer may seem, there is always a solution to be found. We have successfully rescued several ecommerce stores and helped clients in genuine “vendor lock-in” situations to dismiss their previous contractors avoiding losses and to regain their freedom and trust without requiring commitment to us as a price of the rescue.

The faulty, inappropriate operation of a Magento ecommerce store may cause a constant loss of customers, even the gradual erosion of the loyal clientele, and, last but not least, it may cause a serious business problem in the life of a commercial company. If at this moment there is no reliable team of experts with the appropriate knowledge to solve the crisis, delay might cause massive loss of income.

Have you ever experienced minor traffic that may cause instability or even lead to the collapse of your ecommerce store? Has it ever occurred to you that you could not contact your developer in such cases? Or that despite the fact that you discussed the problem with him, he did not handle it at all or failed to perform the task on time?

In such operating crises we can provide efficient help on the basis of our recommended time schedule, which focuses first on the most critical problems, then goes on to fix the rest of the faults and errors, and then attends to special business needs.

The emergency rescue team is a group of professionals highly qualified as business analysts, dev-ops, system architects, Magento architects, and ethical hackers. The team maps the opportunities and prepares the rescue action plan. The aim is to provide for the smooth operation of the code base, sensitive data and integrated systems, which are migrated by the team into a prepared environment. We have done several rescues with only a very short downtime or no hitch in the ecommerce store operation at all.


Project Rescue process

1) Consultation

Preliminary discussion prior to the crisis solving project to assess the current situation and clarify the actions required for the solution.

2) Preliminary code auditing

We examine the most important parameters of the Magento ecommerce store – e.g. hosting environment, operating system, IT security, band width – and then the essential back-end (e.g. code base, Core coding, developed modules, safety, functionality, PHP, Magento version upgrading etc.) and front-end (e.g. CSS framework system, JavaScript performance, load speed etc.) functions. All these are summed up in a document with the recommended solutions.

3) Price offer for rescue and fast repairs

As critical errors should be eliminated as soon as possible, we first give a price offer for the performance of such tasks.

4) Migration plan and rescue migration

The  emergency rescue team elaborates the details of the rescue, with due consideration to all the factors in which the unique code, modules, add-ons and integrated, interfaced solutions of the ecommerce store must be operative in the new environment following migration. Then the rescue migration is performed at the most suitable moment. Following migration, the QA team and the SWAT developers wait for the “rescued” ecommerce store and then promptly test the operation of the business processes, perform repairs wherever needed, and, when everything is in order, live start the code base to display a smoothly operating ecommerce store for buyers.

5) Fast repair package

This includes repair of the critical errors detailed in the package of the recommended solution. Fast repairs allow timely migration. A group of developers make repairs, most frequently raising the Magento Core coding into external modules, and refactoring unreliably operating unique code parts.

6) Specification of new business requirements

Having solved the most urgent problems, in the course of another consultation the additional objectives and needs the ecommerce store must meet are identified in consultation with the client. Specifications and a use case are compiled, including specific plans for development and solutions.

7) Preparation of a rough price offer

We price the elements in the specification document, and give estimated prices for their full implementation.

8) Implementation of developments

Our experienced team of developers and web designers start executing the assignments item by item. In the course of this process, manual, and if needed, also automatic tests are run, and the project manager regularly informs you about the current status.

9) Testing by the client

On completion of the work, you will check the developments, or if new requirements arise, we are ready to discuss them and perform any new assignment.

10) Contract for regular monthly support

It is important for us to avoid that you are never again left alone with problems related to your ecommerce store. If you order our monthly support package, you will have a stable and reliable support staff and, in addition, predict the costs you earmark for such purposes well ahead of time.



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