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24/7/365 Support

Emergency support and continuous server monitoring to guarantee flawless operation.


Managed Hosting Packages

Choose your Basic, Extended or Full Plan or ask for a custom solution.


Security and Reliability

Applying up-to-date security solutions specialized in Amazon Web Services.


9 years of Magento experience

We’ve been providing Magento hosting and development solutions for over 9 years


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These all depend on the quality of the hosting service:

  • Page speed
  • Google position
  • User experience
  • Load optimization
  • Security


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AionHill Managed Hosting Services


Magento is a highly complex ecommerce system, which sets special criteria against the hosting environment in terms of hardware as well as software.

AionHill has been providing hosting services for 15 years and during the past 5 years we have specialized in Magento hosting. Since 2015 we have been focusing on cloud hosting because, in our experience, it is more cost-effective and reliable than physical servers.

Our managed hosting services are made up of an infrastructure package and a sysop service package, which together are able to serve all needs.

These service packages include a number of performance improvements, system operations, analytics and debug services, while our infrastructural solutions provide a reliable cloud based framework.

The “Basic” service plan contains everyday maintenance tasks so it is a key part of every hosting service we offer.

For all the Magento stores that we host, we provide our Magento Varnish cashing module for free, which can make page speed as much as 10 times faster.

Additionally, for Magento stores that we develop, integration of this module is performed at a discounted fee.

In other cases, we give a quote for this kind of integration after a mini audit, since the code quality of different Magento systems can vary considerably and this greatly influences the complexity of the integration process.


AWS cloud hosting

Scalable, fast, secure


We recommend using the AWS (Amazon Web Services) cloud-based infrastructure for operating Magento stores and other ecommerce applications.


Why do we recommend it? What benefits can AWS offer?


AWS is the world’s largest cloud hosting service provider.

Compared to its competitors, it offers a high service availability. There are AWS data centres on all continents and AWS also provides CDN (content delivery network) services in several locations around the globe.

This is crucial, because no matter where the clients are based, we can “take” our applications close to them ensuring faster load times, which improves user experience and conversion.

AWS also makes it possible to scale up or scale down resources quickly when traffic increases or decreases in certain periods, e.g. during the Christmas holidays and then in the off-season period.

Therefore you have to pay for higher performance and stronger hardware only when they are truly needed.

Serving your website visitors can be done in a very cost effective way even when traffic fluctuates. Resource capacity can be scaled up or down efficiently!

The AWS security features provide high-end solutions to any kind of business, even to financial institutions or governmental organizations.

When developing a solution, AWS considers security and scaling as the most important aspects.

Let’s take a look at a few out of a wide range of features:

  • Zones can be accessed in a way that fully match the strict PCI DSS.
  • Your data can be stored redundantly, even on different continents if your company’s security policy requires it.
  • Multi-factor authentication can be enabled for managing infrastructure services.


AWS is a top quality and well documented infrastructure and computing service. Thanks to this, you can build your custom ecommerce system on a risk-free, calculable and transparent solution.

Guides and training materials are widely available if you want to know how the system is structured and how to use it.

You can find dozens of “managed” services which help to simplify the web applications and also to operate them in a cheaper, safer and more reliable way.

For more details about Magento AWS cloud hosting, you can take a look at our post: Magento AWS Hosting – The Definitive Guide


Hosting in a shared environment

Recommended for ecommerce startups and smaller online stores


Probably the greatest advantage of a shared environment is that it provides a low-cost entry-level ecommerce hosting solution. Resources and system administration are included in one single package.

Shared hosting solutions are available in our Basic Package only!


Methods and conditions of using our shared hosting service


We indicate the total monthly net costs of our AWS based Managed Magento Shared Hosting packages in a customized quote. It is a pre-paid service.

We provide and pay for the necessary infrastructure to be used. The client pays for our hosting management service.


Hosting in a dedicated, customized environment

A pro solution built on the high-end capabilities of AWS


In this customized environment we can fully satisfy all special needs of your ecommerce store.


Methods and conditions of using our dedicated hosting service


This service type is available in the Basic, Extended and Full Plans.

We indicate the total monthly net costs of our AWS based Managed Magento Shared Hosting packages in a customized quote. Payment conditions and discounts are also indicated here.


New Relic licence:

The licence fee of the New Relic performance monitoring application is included in the Extended and Full Plans. We discuss the benefits of New Relic at the Extended Plan section.

For service packages with lower performance we don’t recommend extended monitoring because it puts a heavy load on the system. However, should a deep analysis be needed from time to time, we can do that in the scope of individual audits.


Our dedicated hosting service is made up of two parts:



We provide you with a cost estimate for the AWS infrastructure, calculated in the AWS Calculator. As for the infrastructure, you will make a contract directly with AWS.

Based on the data we receive from you, we insert the different elements of the recommended infrastructure in the calculator and then we can present to you the monthly cost figures for the AWS infrastructure.

Making a contract with AWS is in fact a 5-10 minute registration process in which we gladly help you.



A service package of system administration and management, which includes support services of different levels for managed hosting. You can find a detailed description here.


Other hosting solutions

Custom solutions for special requirements


We offer hosting services based on either your or AionHill’s own servers and we can also create a “split” environment where we combine commercial cloud hosting services with services running on independent servers.

Since these cases always need a custom approach, we always make custom agreements for the service types below.


Private Hosting


Whichever type of hosting you have, be it either on-premise, hybrid or cloud (AWS, IBM, Microsoft etc.), we can give you a custom service plan for it.

On request, we can host your online store in a private environment as well. This calls forth a custom agreement.


Hybrid Hosting


There are cases when special business expectations require a hybrid environment.

This means that hosting is performed in a split environment, “allocated” to two or more locations.

For example, if regulations don’t allow your ecommerce business to store customer data in the cloud, then we’ll run computing capacity, serving your store, in a private environment and manage performance enhancing functions, which use public data, (e.g. CDN) in the cloud.


External Hosting

We provide advisory service


If your online store is developed by AionHill but servers are operated by another provider, it is their task to create and manage the necessary hosting environment for your Magento store.

In this case we give access to the source code as well as the database and media content, but performing the deployment tasks are the responsibility of the hosting service provider.

Since Magento stores need special hosting environments and customizations require unique configurations, our IT experts help make the first steps the following ways:

1) They describe the requirements and necessary processes for running a Magento store in Appendix 1.

2) Additionally, we offer two 1-hour IT consultancy sessions.


In the case of external hosting, we cannot provide any other supplementary service because we won’t have a complete knowledge and understanding about it, nor full access to the given hosting environment.


Managed Magento Hosting Plans

Basic, Extended and Full Plans


Infrastructure is only a part of hosting, which does not include management, analytical and bug fixing tasks.

The size, traffic and business model of your ecommerce store can also influence what kind of services you’ll need.

Therefore we have elaborated three plans, built on each other, which means each plan comprises the one that is one level below it.


AionHill Hosting Plans



Basic Plan

Extended Plan

Full Plan





24 / 7 / 365 Emergency Support




24 / 7 / 365 Server Monitoring




Resource Analysis and Advisory Service




Ongoing Server Maintenance




Automated Backup Management and Recovery




New Relic Licence




Application Monitoring and Control




Critical Business Process Monitoring and Control




End User Experience Monitoring and Control




Impact Study





Basic Plan


Basic Plan includes the most important system operations (SysOp) services which are fundamental for the operation of an ecommerce system.

We continuously monitor the servers and fix any errors that may arise. Even more important, based on the previsions, we reduce the risk of unwanted cases and problems by carrying out maintenance tasks on a regular basis.


24/7/365 emergency support (response time, SLA 1 hour)


We give emergency support in terms of hosting and maintenance of online stores. We start tackling the reported issues within 1 hour.



The support team handles the following issues during business hours:

  • Non-emergency notifications
  • Requests not related to infrastructure management or hosting


Such requests can be development and configuration tasks for the given ecommerce application (e.g. Magento). Human and infrastructural resources that are needed for performing these are not part of emergency support.


Please note: We detail the process, methods and channels of emergency notifications in a separate document and send it to the client after signing a contract, as the ways of communication depend on the selected service plan.


24/7/365 Server Monitoring


We continuously follow the parameters of the server of the online store and are working on preventing and eliminating any emergency situation. This also includes performing tasks that are not related to system developments, for example restarting or configuring a service (e.g. Varnish) in the case of fluctuating traffic.


Resource Analysis and Advisory Service


Based on the information gathered from your website, we help you choose the appropriate resources and give you advice on the optimal solutions.


Ongoing Server Maintenance


We perform regular server maintenance for every ecommerce store that is hosted by us.

Routine tasks are completed during business hours (CET 09:00–17:00) without any downtime, while more complex duties are carried out at an agreed time with a short (max. 1 hour) downtime.

Routine tasks include updating the operating system, background services and certifications as well as fine-tuning configurations.

Major maintenance tasks are performed in low-traffic periods at a predefined time. Such tasks are always custom projects related to store operation or server environment and are of different scopes of importance.

When we suggest performing such tasks, we provide details beforehand about the nature and expected outcome of the project.


Backup Management and Data Recovery


Storing data, generated in your online store, is of utmost importance for us.

We perform backup operations for the files (source code, media files etc.) and the database as well. All these data are stored in a geographically remote place, which ensures that they will stay safe even if the server gets damaged physically.


Saved data can be accessed

  • 3 days back with instant access, on a daily basis;
  • 3 months back, between 06–24 hours, on a weekly basis.


Extended Plan


This plan comprises such services that aim to achieve the fastest load times possible. This is crucial for flawless user experience and also for better Google rankings.

Page speed is influenced by a number of factors, though you may only experience that your site is loading slower or it shows poorer search engine results.

We use New Relic for detecting factors that cause longer load times. This solution enables us to measure and analyse data transfer routes. We apply automated performance monitoring for critical business processes, thus developers get real time feedback on either negative or positive changes.

It is also possible to carry out occasional checks if ongoing monitoring put an excessive load on the hardware resources.

Why a one-off audit is not enough?

Because of varying visitor numbers and modern, agile software developments, frequent updates are necessary and therefore ongoing monitoring is needed. The continuous checking of performance reports reveal emerging problems and helps eliminate them in time.


New Relic Server Licence


New Relic is one of the best server and application monitoring cloud-based services in the world.

After installing a simple application (agent), this service provides a visual representation of all critical parameters of the ecommerce application and its environment, e.g. server load, user generated errors on both frontend and backend.

Seeing these, we can intervene even in a preventive way in order to provide the highest possible level of user experience to your shoppers.

Today, New Relic, compared to other solutions on the market, gives the fastest feedback on your application’s performance and user experience qualities in a live environment. For each server it is used on, a New Relic licence is to be paid.


Application Monitoring and Control


We monitor the critical parameters of your online store 24 hours a day, mainly in terms of technical anomalies and bugs. Many times we tackle problems even before the client notifies us about them.


Critical Business Process Monitoring and Control


On top of an overall check on the store, we also apply automated monitoring for critical business processes such as registration, log in, checkout and other specific processes.

Thanks to this, we are immediately notified about flaws or bugs and can minimize the number of errors as well as the time needed for fixing them.


Full Plan


This service package helps you understand how your ecommerce application (e.g. Magento, WordPress, Yii2) works and what relation it has with the users. Additionally, it supports data-driven decision making for both the e-merchant and the developers.

You can get straightforward answers even to complex questions easily, e.g.

  • Where do the customers come from?
  • How long do they stay on the website?
  • From which geographical region, what kind of pages do they view?

Based on the presented data, business managers can make sound decisions about business functions and other software enhancement issues.


End User Experience Monitoring and Control


We are able to measure page speed directly at the customers. If we see that page speed slows down below the minimal level, we start eliminating the problem.


Impact Study


This service is similar to a medical consultation when, based on the examination results, the doctor makes a diagnosis of pathological diseases and gives the patient some lifestyle advice.

In our case, a developer and a system operator together identify the weak points of the application and bottlenecks in terms of performance. They then prepare an optimization plan for the client every month.

The impact studies aiming long term evolution take place in business hours (CET 09.00–17.00) with a 3-hour monthly time frame.



Contact us if you have any question or requirement related to the preparation of a new or renewal of an existing online store.

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We will happily put our experience gained in complex and comprehensive international Magento projects at your disposal. No matter how complex your ecommerce project may be, we’re sure the mission can be completed.