Magento Extension Development

An ecommerce store will work well if it aligns with the business processes that are unique to the company and enable it to stand out in the market. Modular Magento extensions have a very important role in achieving this.

What are the advantages of Magento extensions?

  • They can help realize special functions that are important for the business
  • They can provide better analytical data and make more accurate measurements possible
  • They can help achieve a better customer experience
  • They can increase the number of conversions
  • They can improve the rankings on the Google hit results pages

When developing Magento extensions, we pay the greatest attention to the principle that the functions missing from the basic operation of Magento are created as an independent extension outside the Magento Core. This “external module building” will ensure that no disturbance or loss of information occurs during future Magento version upgrades.

Apart from these, we have an increasing arsenal of extensions for resolving special problems or serving complex client requirements. We have been continuously dealing with these developments, and in this way we are able to satisfy our clients’ needs much faster.

If you provide any online service related to ecommerce, we are ready to develop an extension so that you can offer your service to the customers of retailers that have a Magento ecommerce store or stores built on Magento CMS.

Do you have a Magento extension idea you wish to put on the market for business purposes? We can help. Call on us with your idea, and we will take care of the development work.



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We will happily put our experience gained in complex and comprehensive international Magento projects at your disposal. No matter how complex your ecommerce project may be, we’re sure the mission can be completed.