Magento Code Audit

The realization of a Magento project is not a low-cost investment. Therefore, it is very important for the owners of an online store to get the best out of such a versatile and robust ecommerce system. To get accurate information on whether or not the ecommerce store works at its best from a technological point of view, the use of the audit service is strongly recommended.

What do we examine during the code audit?

  • Server environment
  • Environment, resources, IT security
  • Type, version and condition of the operating system software, technologies used and their settings
  • General checking of the operating system
  • Examined servers: HTTP server (Apache, Nginx), PHP, MySQL
  • Bandwidth
  • Determination of bottlenecks, recommendation for developments

Geanaral Code Audit: to discover general, technical problems Magento / Back-end

  • Configuration
  • Checking of optimum settings
  • Cache, Index, Flat tables, Admin-Website-Store, etc.
  • Codebase
  • Core, purchased modules, developed modules
  • Checking of Magento development standards
  • Checking of security updates
  • Checking of code quality, level of documentation (criteria: Magento Best Practices, compliance with MVC principles, possibility of development, transparency)
  • Security
  • Exploration of possible code level security problems
  • Functionality
  • Detecting functional errors, bugs
  • Database structure
  • Examination of whether or not the structure of tables created by various modules is optimal
  • Performance
  • PHP – mapping architecture problems critical for performance in installed/developed modules
  • PHP / MySQL – examination of queries made in PHP
  • Determination of bottlenecks affecting page load time
  • Server-side technologies, caching
  • Checking of server-side technologies, caching methods and settings
  • Integrations
  • Thorough checking of integration with external systems from architectural and performance aspects
  • Purchased external modules, own development
  • Version numbers, alternatives, code quality, performance
  • Purchased theme
  • Quality of purchased theme, checking of customization quality

Magento / Front-end

  • Examination of technologies applied (Less, CSS frameworks, JavaScript (JS) frameworks, plugins, HTML, Magento templates)
  • Performance
  • JS, CSS performance, quality of independently developed JS (plugins)
  • General front-end optimization (Google Pagespeed, Yslow, GTmetrix)


Targeted code audit

Point by point exploration of errors or problems indicated by the client, then proposal for the solution.

What is the result of the code audit?

Documentation – based on the above points, on the result of the audit, proposal for the elimination of problems discovered, optimization and developments. Apart from this, we make recommendations for the points described in the targeted audit, and we give an order-of-magnitude price offer for the fixing work.



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