GameClub Boardgame Store

Gémklub has been a club for 30 years and a game for 10 years: The first game club was launched 30 years ago, and Gémklub Kft. was established 15 years ago with game development and trade as its core activity. The ecommerce store that had been successful for a decade has been completely renewed with the help of Magento CMS.

The new ecommerce store capitalises on and expands the opportunities offered by the Magento ecommerce store engine to maximum effect. The most committed team members established Gémklub Első Magyar Játékkiadó Kft (Game Club First Hungarian Game Publisher) in 2001, but genuine business activity was added to the non-profit activity only in 2006, when Hungary’s first game ecommerce store and professional website was launched. Today, in addition to the ecommerce store the company has 3 toy shops of its own, is engaged in the wholesale trade of logic and board games, and also has a game publisher.


  • Elaboration of a modern, responsive design by upgrading Game Club’s previous image
  • Development of a complex, custom-tailored discount system based on gamification, specialised to customer types
  • The discount system based on gamification must be suitable for subsequent modular expansion by new games to be developed by the company on its own.
  • Re-direction of several thousand product URLs in the previous ecommerce store to the product datasheets generated in the new Magento system (due to SEO reasons)
  • Development of the online games found in the Game Casino (dice, raffle ticket games, bidding, quiz) Implementation of the game token system, which allows registered users to play the games included in the Game Casino.
  • Website loading time is less than 1 second


  • Application of Magento 1.9.1
  • Automatic testing
  • Redis, Varnish cache


  • Stable operation, problem-free load distribution
  • The hits found by the Google search engine for the former ecommerce store are re-directed to the appropriate products in the Magento ecommerce store.
  • More than half of the registered users regularly use the games available in the Game Casino.


We will happily put our experience gained in complex and comprehensive international Magento projects at your disposal. No matter how complex your ecommerce project may be, we’re sure the mission can be completed.