Cotton Ball Lights Store

The online shop is based on the code provided by a foreign partner company. However, the code contained unwanted script files and the remains of a previous payment solution, which we removed for security reasons. Apart from that, we fixed the Magento emailing solution and the invoicing integration. Hosting was moved to our own AionHill Magento AWS.

Cotton Ball Lights is an interior design company specialized in lighting. The Hungarian Magento store was based on the code of a different language version operating in another European country. The Hungarian version not only differs in language, but due to market and regulation characteristics in Hungary, the local version has proprietary payment and invoicing solutions.


  • Pinpointing and neutralizing security risks
  • Fixing mailing
  • Fixing invoicing integration


  • Removal of script files of unnecessary and/or malicious content, and the remains of a previous payment solution
  • Refactoring of the mailing system
  • Refactoring of the invoicing integration
  • Moving hosting to AionHill Magento AWS


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