CanadaHair Magento 2 eCommerce multistore

Orlyhair is Canadian company that offers quality hair extensions, hair accessories, tools and hair care products.

Their Magento 2 store operates with two store views on two seperate domains ( and in order to meet the French and English speaking audiences’ needs as well.


  • Maintenance, support
  • Maximize security
  • Fix critical page response time
  • Fix problematic or non-functional extensions
  • Refactore front-end
  • New features
  • Project management


  • Code audit
  • Upgrade core and extensions to latest version
  • Remove unknown and unnecessary scripts from the document root
  • Properly set file system permissions to prevent unauthorized access
  • Fix third-party extensions
  • Remove problematic/non-functional extensions and develop a custom extension offering similar functionality
  • Efficiently configure caching
  • Enable CDN
  • Custom cloud hosting (Amazon Web Services)
  • Properly configure hosting
  • Enable flat table indexing and caches
  • Move inline styling into LeSS files
  • Convert static links into dynamically generated ones


  • Optimized and secure system
  • Optimized running time
  • Reduced number of failed requests
  • Decreased page load times
  • Decreased server load
  • Improved search engine rank
  • Improved front-end performance


We will happily put our experience gained in complex and comprehensive international Magento projects at your disposal. No matter how complex your ecommerce project may be, we’re sure the mission can be completed.