BAUHAUS DIY Stores ecommerce solutions

BAUHAUS operates in 19 countries across Europe and has more than 260 stores. Besides running its 3 DIY stores in Hungary, the company aimed to introduce its sophisticated ecommerce platform in 2016.

BAUHAUS’s goal was to implement the Hungarian version of the Swedish online store. Since this assignment could not be completed flawlessly according to the predefined requirements, AionHill started dealing with the project in the summer of 2016.

AionHill started the project by planning the mapping of BAUHAUS’s robust business system and clarifying the basic processes. At the same time, systematic restructuring and rebuilding of background processes was completed so that the webpage reached a state of operation that can be maintained in the long run.



  • Fixing/planning/developing integration with other systems
  • Optimizing imports of product inventory information


  • System design
  • Optimizing integration of invoicing solution
  • Optimizing product inventory import
  • Optimizing product data import
  • Optimizing ERP integration


We will happily put our experience gained in complex and comprehensive international Magento projects at your disposal. No matter how complex your ecommerce project may be, we’re sure the mission can be completed.