Most businesses with bad debts fall into such a scenario due to a lack of proper reminder systems. It is not enough to have accurate information and store them if, at the due date of payment, the business owner forgets about the status of these debts. At MooCredit, we have developed systems that will automatically send reminders.

Anytime you deal with a b2b client and extend credit, there is a need for frequent payment reminders. Generally, you and your team members will need to intensify those reminders. Customers who don’t pay back their credit on the due date can burden an organization’s optimal cash flow. Fortunately, with the advent of new forms of technology, it is quite easy for business owners to categorize and store records properly and create reminders for their debtors when necessary or due. The best business owners should take advantage of these forms of technology.

If you’re interested in finding out how to follow your customers closely, take note of the following tips

Making follow-up calls

Making courtesy calls is one of the most overlooked reminder methods. Keeping in touch with your client is a means of reminding them of their obligations throughout the credit period, which can significantly improve payment terms.

Frequent text messages and reminder emails

Sending messages and emails is another efficient reminder method. Most of your clients use their cell phones for their daily activities. So, this reminder method will effectively reach them and get them to pay.

Client visitation

Visiting your clients from time to time is another way to remind your clients of their debts to you. You should assign this duty to some of your team members.

Sending official reminder letters

If after the tips mentioned above there's still no payment, you need to make your tone a bit firmer but still respectful. This is why you must send out an official letter stating the consequences if payment is not made as of when due. If there's still no positive response after all this, you might need a third party's intervention.As a credit management agency, we will help you follow up on your invoices. And on your instruction, we will constantly remind your customers of their outstanding debts. If the payments are getting late, we will remind them automatically. Furthermore, you and your team also have a crucial role in assisting with the reminder procedures. For a client that falls behind on payment, we have a system that tracks outstanding debt and sends an automated message to them. This system will automatically search and discover defaulting clients and immediately send an automated reminder message.With the MooCredit agency, you have no worries. Even if you feel uncomfortable making the reminder calls, we will play the agency's role and assist you in placing a call through to the client. At MooCredit, smart personnel can compose and send reminder messages, emails, and letters.The right b2b credit management agency reminder platform will give you the peace of mind that your clients are constantly notified about their outstanding debts.