Legal advice

For many business transactions, it is crucial always to know your legal rights. As a result, it always makes sense to seek legal advice before and after every transaction you make. This limits the risk to your company. Once there is a credit problem, you can enforce your legal rights. This will help you stay on track and avoid violating credit laws.

If you are in a situation where your debtor’s credit status remains in default after reaching out to them. And you’ve also made a formal demand until the time elapses, the best next strategy is to seek legal advice or even employ the services of a legal adviser.

However, It is important to seek legal advice because legal practitioners can offer you legal strategies and analyze corporate policies and practices you may choose to consider so as not to err against the law. 

Here are a few ways legal advice can be of great advantage to you and your organization during credit management:

You must regularly review the credit limits for your customers. Ensure they aren’t going through financial difficulties. Furthermore, don’t do all your business with a single supplier. It’s risky and can far outweigh any benefits in the long term. Avoid answering too many requests for extended credit, and watch out for customers that may be lying about their credit.Many businesses supply goods and services based on impromptu and informal arrangements, which can adversely affect your cash flow. This is why you should decide whether credit should be provided to customers, which specific customers should be given credit, the credit period, or trading terms. The maximum amount of credit is to be given to a customer at any time. Companies can improve customer experience, customer engagement, resilience, and profits by putting the emphasis more on debtor management.Are you looking for a service that can effectively manage debtors properly for your company without jeopardizing already existing business relationships? Then you're at the right place. At MooCredit, we have the proper procedures and systems to manage your debtors efficiently and encourage them to pay their credits on time.