Debt collection

Late payments and client debts are bad for your organization’s cash flow. A credit control team is vital to your business, but a debt collection team is also crucial. Today, we don’t have debt collection teams. We have automated debt collection processes. 

Companies often face shortages because they mishandle outstanding debts. Businesses that allow their clients to pay later often need an effective approach to boost payment and reduce debt collection issues. At MooCredit, we have a team of well-learned and equipped specialists who are committed to helping you handle your debt collection cases.

Let’s look at some of the debt collection strategies to get optimum results.

Identity verification

In many cases, debtors attempt to avoid payments and even go as far as changing their homes to avoid getting caught. This is where we come in. Our tracking services can create a list of clients with bad credit history and provide current contact information on clients. We will also use reliable investigative techniques and extensive research to identify the debtor's location and other hidden details.

Debt analysis and management

After eliminating the hassle of contacting your client, it's time to know the cause of the delay in payment. A financial crisis usually causes delayed debt collection. In such unprecedented scenarios, it’s our job to examine the creditor's and supplier’s financial situation. Then we will proceed to strike a balance between both parties. With this, we will be able to work closely with both parties to implement the best collection strategies that suit the situations of both the creditor and the debtor.

Quick debt collection

After laying out collection strategies, we will ensure that all parties stick to payment schedules. The payment procedure will be fully monitored to avoid any case of alteration of the payment in these plans. These plans will be in print, and we will ensure they are legally bound. Legal actions are usually taken in case of any default by the debtor. This is another reason we ensure all our agents have in-depth knowledge of local and international legislation affecting your debtor.What's more? We also make use of an automated payment procedure. This is implemented for prompt payment into the creditor's account when there's a deposit of money in the debtor's account. This is usually done for clients that do not make payments according to the scheduled time made in the payment plan.

Why should you hire us?

Have you and your business been struggling with collecting outstanding debts? Are you interested in solutions that’ll improve the financial situation of your business activities? Then, look no further than MooCredit. We offer our best and most effective debt recovery and collection solutions for your business. Our job is to integrate with you and teach you how to use these solutions to optimize your financial status.Hire us today! MooCredit's highly trained personnel will make sure to recover your debts in the fastest means possible without jeopardizing already existing business relationships.