What are MooCredit's services?

At MooCredit Credit Management Agency, we offer a wide range of services. However, the services we provide may vary between different companies. Our services will depend on the nature of business for every organization. You see, we provide services based on firsthand agreement.  Also, as an agency, we have the right to check the credit status of your company to determine what kind of services to offer you. 

In simple terms, our collaboration with your company will focus on working with you and your team using our pool of knowledge and skill. Our job is to move your finances forward. It involves sharing ideas and rubbing minds together to ensure that your business can enjoy the best creditworthiness.

Creditworthiness assessment

One of the essential services we can provide is a customer creditworthiness assessment. We offer this service to many companies so you can find out about the credit history of the client you’re about to do business with. This service also allows already existing customers to undergo periodic reviews. This assessment phase plays an essential role in the credit management process. With this, you will understand your customers’ financial position and statements and know how to approach them to get your payments.

Evaluation of the credit management process

Another service you will enjoy from us is proper documentation and evaluation of your credit management process. Through this service, you will be aware of the credit management process across the departments within your company. This way, we can ensure the tasks and responsibilities of individuals in other departments are clear to everyone. Also, this documentation plays a crucial role in collecting invoice payments. Periodical evaluation will determine how well your credit management process meets the organization's needs.

Credit management goals

We can also help you set attainable customer credit management goals. A good credit management goal’s value is that it helps avoid unnecessary risks and creates opportunities for improvement. Therefore, setting attainable goals and actions helps in measuring your performance periodically,  and applying changes when necessary. A few objectives you can establish for strategic credit management include; 

  • to keep improving your customer credit control procedure
  • to reduce the number of bad debts and annual depreciation
  • constantly compare your results with those of your industry peers

Credit analysis

Most credit collection delays result from your client facing an undeniable financial crisis. As a credit management agency, we will help you strike a balance between you and your client's demands. With this service, you will be able to understand the financial position of your suppliers. You will learn what’s wrong with them, including any past credit difficulties they may have faced. This will enable us to work closely with you and your client to implement a strategy that best suits everyone.

Payment agreement plan

Businesses often rely on credit management agencies to help them persuade their customers to pay. Our agency can stand in the gap between both parties to create suitable payment plans. The agreement will be made as a consensual agreement between both parties, which may last for a specified duration. These plans get written down and are binding to all parties involved.

At MooCredit b2b credit management agency, we believe that the sooner you can identify the wrong spot in your business credit services, the quicker it can be resolved. As a reputable credit management agency, you can count on us to determine your business credit status and offer the best services for your organization.