Magento discount system, Magento coupon use

One of the advantages of ecommerce is that customers can see the momentary total of their shopping cart during the purchasing process. This benefit, however, may be a disadvantage for the e-merchant, since the final sum may be less than the one the shopper would spend in a brick-and-mortar store. Therefore the online sellers often use loyalty rewards or volume discounts, which can be managed within the Magento discount system.

The use of the Magento price rules can be a powerful promotion tool in your hands since your customers like experiencing a special approach. Obviously, a shopper buys an item more happily if it is discounted. Magento discounts can be managed in the admin panel under the Promotions menu. A basic difference between the Magento catalog price rules and the Magento shopping cart price rules is that with the catalogue price rule, shoppers see the discount as soon as they open the store page, while with the shopping cart price rule they see it only at the shopping cart and during the checkout process.  

Magento catalog price rule

In the Rule Information tab you can set the basic properties of the rules. Here you can define the time intervals and customer groups to which the rules may apply. In the Conditions tab you can narrow down the conditions under which the discount should be valid. You can define a group, a category and other attributes. You also have “exclude” options when setting the conditions, which means that if you select a group or category, the rule will NOT apply to these. Magento discount catalog price rule   In the Actions tab you can define the value of the discount either by giving a percentage or a fixed sum of money. By default, more than one discount can be used by the shopper in a single online store. In order to eliminate this, you need to select YES under the Actions tab at Stop Further Rules Processing.

IMPORTANT You can apply the catalog price rules by clicking the Save and Apply button, however, if cronjob is operational, it is automatically started by Magento every day at midnight.


Magento shopping cart price rule

IMPORTANT Here the options are similar to the catalog price rule settings. The difference is that in this case the total of the shopping cart (and not the product’s price) or the delivery cost will change. Under Conditions, in addition to the conditions of the catalog price rules, you can define delivery and invoicing settings as well as the total weight of the cart.


Magento coupon information

You can also create coupons under shopping cart price rules. You can generate an infinite number of random coupons, but if you want to create each coupon manually, then you need to assign a different price rule to each one. Magento discount shoppig cart price rule  

Real life examples for Magento discounts


1 − Now each product delivered to the UK can be purchased at a 10% discount

Here you can see how you can give a discount on the basis of the delivery address.   Setting the conditions: Click on the Conditions tab and then on the “+” icon. From the dropdown menu select Shipping Country and after clicking “…”, choose United Kingdom. Magento discount shoppig cart price rule shipping   Select Percent of product price discount in the Actions tab at Apply and then type 10 at Discount Amount. Magento discount shoppig cart price rule actions  

2 − You save 50% if your total is over GBP30 and if you pay with PayPal Express

In this example we want to set a shopping cart price rule which applies to shopping cart totals exceeding GBP30 and the customer has selected PayPal Express as a payment method.   Setting the conditions: Click on Conditions and then on the “+” icon. In the dropdown menu select Subtotal. Click on the “is” link and select the equals or greater than option. Then click on the “…” link and type the value of 30. Now that you have set the shopping cart total, click on the “+” icon again and define the Payment method, which is Paypal Express Checkout, after clicking on the “…” link. Finally, select the Percent of product price discount option at the Apply tab under the Actions tab. Set 50 for the Discount amount.   Magento discount shoppig cart price rule conditions  

3 − 10% discount for a product over GBP15

Here you will set the 10% discount using a coupon code for a product which costs more than GBP15.   Setting the conditions: Click on the General Information tab and select the Specific Coupon option under the Coupon option. Then type 10OFF in the Coupon Code field. Thus if a customer gives the 10OFF coupon code on the shopping cart page, he or she will get a 10% discount. In the next step, instead of defining the GBP15 limit on the Conditions tab, you will set it at the Apply the rule only to cart items matching the following conditions (leave blank for all items) section on the Actions tab. Click on the “+” icon, then select Price within the Product attribute option group. Click on the “is” link and define the sum of 15 at the greater than option. On this same tab select Percent of product price discount at the Apply option. Then type 10 in the Discount Amount field and type 1 in the Maximum Qty Discount is Applied To field.   Magento discount shoppig cart price rule coupon  

4 − 5% discount on the total if UPS (Next Day Air) shipping is selected

  In this example you will set the 5% discount using the coupon code method.   Setting the conditions: Click on the General Information tab and select the Specific Coupon option under Coupon. Then type 5OFF at the Coupon Code field appearing below it. Thus if a customer gives the 5OFF coupon code on the shopping cart page, he or she will get a 5% discount on the total order. Now click on the Conditions tab, then on the “+” icon and select the Shipping Method option and after clicking on the “…” link, select [ups] Next Day Air. Finally, at the Apply tag, on the Actions tab, select Percent of product price discount and type 5 in the Discount Amount field. Magento discount shoppig cart price rule coupon conditions  

More Complex Cases of Magento discount solutions

  In many cases, the default functions of Magento cannot fulfil more sophisticated business needs. These requirements can be met by Magento development. Let us see some examples.  

1 − Discount for female/male shoppers according to age

Say, you want to do give a discount on the total purchase price for men over 50 years of age. Although you can set the birth date and gender in Magento, you CANNOT use these data as conditions with the catalog or shopping cart price rules. However, with programming it can be solved that these data are taken into account by price rules.  

2 − We’d like to give a coupon code for one specific person

In this example we want to give a coupon code to a predefined person so that he/she will be able to shop at a discounted price. It can be determined that a coupon code is to be used only once, but Magento development is needed if you want to define which person can use exclusively this coupon code. But, well, with a little trick even programming is not necessary: you put the shopper, you want to give the coupon to, in a separate user group and then set the price rule to apply to only that specific user group.  

3 − Discount for returning customers

Here you would like to reward your loyal shoppers. Unfortunately you cannot see at the price rules by default how many times a customer has shopped at your online store and how much he/she has spent. With the help of Magento development, it can be solved that the sums of all the purchases of a given shopper are added up and then a specific discount is given to that customer.


tips +1 Solution: We also have developed such a solution where the checkout process was complemented with a form. The fields of the form were shown in accordance to the price rules. For example, if Computer Configuration was present in the shopping cart, a checkbox appeared during the ordering process. By clicking this checkbox, the customer could ask for the configuration of the computer completed in the shop.

  These examples are just a few out of many that we have come across or can manage flawlessly. Do you have specific problems in Magento you would like to solve? Contact us right away.   If you think this article can be useful to other readers as well, please share it. You can also write your comments below. So if you have any questions or queries, don’t hesitate to comment!



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