eCommerce landing page: convince your visitors to make that purchase!

But are they good only for that?

How should you build them?

How do you know if they are effective enough?

You will get answers to these questions and to several others right now.


In this article you’ll read about the following:

  • Why do you need landing pages?
  • What kind of landing pages can you use?
    • Lead generating landing page
    • Click-Through landing page
  • Identical messages: be consistent
  • How to build your page – the indispensable elements
    • Header, logo
    • Headline
    • Offer, advertising copy
    • Illustrations, images, videos
    • Social proof
    • CTA
    • Trust building elements
    • Social opportunities
  • A/B testing: start it and never stop doing it
  • Mobile friendliness is not a matter of choice


Why do you need landing pages?

Let’s go through briefly why an ecommerce store would at all need to introduce an additional step in the purchasing process.

This may seem counterproductive at first glance as the customers get converted slower this way, they have more time to change their minds, to withdraw from their intention to purchase.

If you run some sort of campaign – no matter if using newsletter, social media, search engines, and so on – it may not be fortunate in all cases to take the users, who click on the advertisement, directly to the product page.

The more complex the offer, the more persuasion you will need in order to have the largest possible proportion of your leads to convert. In case of a water glass, you will not need too much convincing. On the other hand, in case of financial services or a product of higher value, you will need to go through in detail all the benefits why it is good for the customer to give you money, and you will also need to discuss all their eventual complaints one by one.

In general, there is no possibility or in the best case there are limited possibilities for you to do all that on the product page of an online shop. Therefore, the function of the landing page in case of such a campaign is to strengthen commitment and to transfer the lead, being already willing to purchase, to the product page.


What kind of landing pages can you use?

Landing Pages: There are a lot of types of those. Estores will profit most from the so-called Click-Through pages, in other words landing pages that will make the lead click through (to the product page) after the persuasion.

The other fundamental useful type is Lead Generation, in other words, lead generating landing page: usually the aim of this is to get contact information from the visitors arriving to the page: typically name and e-mail address, so that you can add them to your list and will be able to communicate with them later.


Lead generating landing page

The only purpose of a landing page made for lead generation is that the users provide you with their contact information. You can persuade them to do so in several ways: you can offer them valuable hook-in products.


What can you offer the visitor?

You must give something so that people trust you that they consider the deal precious enough to give you the opportunity of contacting them later.

You can choose from a great deal of solutions, and what you pick in the end will also depend on what kind of list you want to build, what audience you dedicated the page to, how big a budget you have, and so on.

tips The most common lead generating offers are the following::

  • Downloadable e-book
  • Registration to an event
  • Having guidance, consultation
  • Free trial period (in case of a service)
  • Participation in a prize promotion or in a competition
  • Some sort of a tangible gift
  • Notification on future sales, discounts, new products, events, etc.
  • Webinar registration


Lead generating pages are usually short and less complex. You do not ask for too much, but you do not give too much either, so there is no need for lengthy persuasion. Text and supporting visual elements on these pages concentrate on justifying why it is worthwhile for them taking the offer.


You have to make it clear for them

  • what you offer (for example a hook-in product),
  • what you ask for (e-mail address for instance),
  • and what they are required to do (for example fill in two fields and click on the button).


This is where you obtain leads from, who you will be able to target later with various campaigns in e-mail or through the social media for instance – and who you can direct to the Click-Through landing pages.


Click-Through landing page

The click-through page is intended to transfer the customers to a page where they are only one or two clicks away from the purchase, from being channelled to check-out.


You can direct them…

  • to the product page where they can add the products to cart and you can offer related products to them in the meantime (cross-sell),
  • to the cart where the product is already there, so they are being the closest possible to conversion.


In case of the latter, you will probably have to have some custom development made, so that the visitors can add the product immediately to the shopping cart by clicking on the button on the landing page.


Identical messages: be consistent

Landing pages are in general not search engine optimized.

On the contrary:

they are hidden from the eyes of the search engines. Usually, the reason for this is that Google does not really like landing pages filled with similar content, landing pages that misleadingly resemble the so-called doorway pages and you can even get penalty for those.

On the other hand, you do not need organic traffic anyway, since you channel traffic to the landing page by campaigns.

It does not matter from where you direct visitors here, the bottom line is to transmit consistent messages.

What does this exactly mean?

  1. If you promise something in the advertisement or in the newsletter, you should communicate according to that on the landing page as well. It’s best if the CTA of the advertisement and the headline are the same. If you use the phrase “Click for the healthiest dog food!” in AdWords, the title of the landing page may be for example “This is where you find the healthiest dog food – and this is why your pet needs it.”
  2. If you use a given type of image, you will have to stick to that, too. If you place an image of a fox terrier next to the CTA in the email, you cannot display a cat on the landing page. The same dog in the same garden should be looking at the user.
  3. You should not change the colours either: if you originally used your corporate identity colours, rely on those on the landing page as well, if you used another campaign design, then use that on the landing page.

Consistence is important not only in the first two steps: even if you transfer the potential customers to the product page, they should not be confused, you should give them the same experience both in terms of visuals and text. Otherwise trust will decrease.

If you keep the users in a familiar environment, if you do not distract their attention, you will be able to steer them more easily and thus you will have an easier job with the persuasion.


tips How to build your page – the indispensable elements:

Nobody will be able to show you a perfect structure, the details depend on a great deal of things – however, there are certain elements that are rather basic.


landing page positioning

1) Header, logo

Using the logo of the company or the online shop in the header helps to sustain consistence: thus the users will know they are in the right place.


2) Headline

It ensures uniformity of the message, but it has other functions as well. You have to capture the attention of the visitor in the headline: you have to communicate not only that they are in the right place but also that they will benefit from reading more, if they consider your offer: that you are about to give them something valuable.


3) Offer, ad copy

In an ideal case, on the page there are features, benefits, specific information about the product, incentive texts that may create the feeling of scarcity for example and may persuade to purchase. In addition to that, you can incorporate several other elements into it as well: writing sales copy is a special art, and in the present guide we do not have the opportunity to describe the various tricks in detail.

It’s especially important in case of a professional product offer:

It concentrates on the benefit the customer will get after buying your product. The fact that a sports car can race by 200 km/h is a feature.

On the other hand, if the users experience freedom because of that, if they relive old memories or they feel like being in a space shuttle that is just taking off, all this is a real benefit, since it is about how they will feel, why it will be better for the users if they buy what you offer.

And this is exactly what you should communicate in the product description.


4) Illustrations, images, videos

You can use several demonstrating elements or for instance decorating elements that will help you in persuasion. But you should always use just as many as you truly need: if an image has no specific function (for example to direct attention to a given point, to a CTA), drop it. If the video only distracted attention, do not use it.

You can also use these to show the benefits (for example in a product presentation video), or just as well to make one of your offers more tangible (in case of a downloadable e-book you can attach a photo of the book itself that actually does not exist).

Always upload good quality, unique photos of the product. In general, it is enough to make the product page view interactive: on the landing page you have to make sure to be clear about what you offer and to make it attractive at the same time.


5) Social proof

In case your customers have already sent you positive feedback on a given product that you want to sell on the landing page, you should by all means use it.

These may be written evaluations that arrived in email, through your social media channels or in comments: because the point is that the positive opinions help to convince those who are hesitating.

If there are companies who have already purchased and are actively using the product, use their logos on the site. And you should never use stock photos with unknown models smiling in them: this will spoil your credit, as all your visitors recognize these tricks straight away. You should rather ask for testimonials together with real photos if you can.


6) CTA

Call-to-action is the element that you have to plan the most accurately.

It does matter

  • where you put it,
  • what dimensions it has,
  • how big it is,
  • what you write on it,
  • what colour you make it,
  • how many of the user sees.


Although you can fine-tune many of these appropriately only with testing, we can still give you some tips.


the more complex the offer, the lower the main CTA should be placed. You can display several of them within a long page, because your text may convince the different users at different points.


Use the space wisely:

make the CTA clearly visible (of course the colour preferably contrasting with the background also has a role), and separate it properly from all other pieces of content. Direct attention to it but only in the appropriate moment if possible.

It is a good thing to have the colour theory and colour psychology in mind when defining the colour of the button. You can influence the visitors even by using the right colours – insurance companies for example often use blue because it reinforces the feeling of trust and intellectuality, while red and the different shades of orange will help you urge the customers.

The text on the CTA should always be precise: the text “Next” is too general, it keeps the user in uncertainty, resulting in less people clicking on it.

Do not simply show the door. Always indicate it clearly to the potential customers what will happen when they go through it. If you write “Buy X”, “Download e-book”, “Go to checkout”, that will most probably bring you much higher conversion rates due to your CTA.


7) Trust building elements

These may be different certificates, prizes and similar elements that can strengthen the trust of the users towards the product. In addition to the testimonials, in most of the cases it is also important that more significant opinion leaders also acknowledge it, because that is what will make you and your product credible.


8) Social opportunities

Do not forget to display the icons of the different social networking sites on the page. Let the visitors, even encourage them to, share the page with their friends, because you will not only acquire more visitors this way, but you will also become stronger in the field of social proof.


A/B testing: start it and never stop doing it

There is no such thing as a perfect landing page but you can always enhance its efficiency. You do not have to do anything else but to modify a couple of elements in a data controlled way.


landing page ab test


You can reach even a two-digit increase in conversion by changing the position or the colour of a button, by changing a word in the headline: hundreds of case studies prove that.

But how do you know what to modify?

This is what A/B testing is good for: you make two, almost identical landing pages having only one different element. So there is the old page (A), and another, on which you put a modification to the test (B).

Run these two simultaneously: distribute the arriving visitors randomly between the two in order to get the most natural results. Versions A and B should run at the same time, so that the results are not influenced even by that – it is enough thinking about what would happen to the results if you tested one of the pages the week before, and the other the week after Christmas.

The test should run for at least a week and you should preferably collect a significant sample of data, let’s say, that of a thousand visitors. This will be enough to show you how the conversion rates change.

Never stop doing A/B tests: there are always elements you can improve a little bit. You should run only one at a time though, because this is how you can get the most reliable data.

To read more about A/B testing in your ecommerce store click here: A/B testing in ecommerce: 10 things you really need to test


[bctt tweet=”By changing the colour of the CTA button only, you can reach a two-digit growth in conversion.” username=”aionhill”]


Mobile friendliness is not a matter of choice

Even though landing pages are usually not search engine optimized, they still need to be displayed on mobile devices perfectly.

More and more people click on social media advertisements from smart devices, you read your emails mostly on these, you launch the searches as well from small screen rather than from desktop. And all this means that no matter what sort of campaign you launch, a significant part of your visitors, likely the majority, will have the landing page displayed on a mobile device.

You will obviously have to be prepared for that and make your page in a way that it is comfortably displayable on a mobile device as well. You should pay attention to examining the conversion rates and other indicators of the desktop and mobile versions separately, and to running the tests accordingly as well.


ecommerce landing page mobile


It takes nothing to start it and it is worth sustaining it

I am not denying that creating the first couple of your landing pages will involve some work, however, practice will make you quicker as time goes by, and the tests and the feedback will provide you with valuable experience.

Besides, you will notice that the return of your campaigns is higher, that the conversion rate is better, the turnover increases. That is because you will convince more people that it is actually worthwhile for them making a purchase from you.

It is not necessary that each of your products has a separate landing page – but when you run some kind of an advertising campaign, with very few exceptions, the landing page is an essential element of that.

It is best if you start planning the first right now. I’m sure you already have some great ideas.




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