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9 reasons why your visitors bounce off your website

Your website already has interesting content. The design matches the latest trends. You have fantastic images to show off your products and thanks to your marketing initiatives, traffic has started to increase. Have you asked yourself the question why most of your visitors are still leaving your website? Why is the bounce rate increasing? Why is […]

Ecommerce conversion rate: optimization and misconceptions

Before going any further, first we need to clarify the following questions:   Before unnecessarily spending money on inappropriate optimization, let’s see what conversion is!   Consequently, conversion doesn’t only concern the revenue of the business, but the following as well:   You distinguish between the mentioned conversions taking into consideration the goals of your […]

10 crucial questions you should ask before choosing your Magento ecommerce development company

Well, we have already written about this, and we tried to make it clear what the most important differences were between freelancers and professional developer companies, and, depending on the circumstances, who to choose. This time we’re going to focus on the ecommerce development companies’ side: we’re going to take a look at   We […]