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Magento Pricing: $1,500–$100,000+ Why Such A Wide Range? Here’s The Answer.

For what reason does one choose Magento? For its extensive functionality, of course! We’re confident that no other framework comes close to Magento in this respect. However, as we’ve already mentioned before, it’s not for everybody. The main reason for this is the required budget: Magento development is not cheap, since it requires highly skilled […]

Managed Hosting: The Complete Guide (Basics, Pros & Cons)

CONTENTS:   Finding the right provider Web hosting solutions Managed vs. unmanaged hosting Managed hosting provider qualities Defining your own needs Hosting service providers Managed ecommerce hosting Managed Magento hosting Cloud hosting Off cloud & hybrid providers On cloud providers Choosing your cloud provider 5 key provider competencies 11 questions to ask your provider   […]

How to Build Your Marketing Team: Structure, Roles and Requirements – for Any Company Size

Online marketing is not a one-man task, but a process which needs a significant amount of human resources. It’s especially true if the company is involved in more marketing activities. Just think of an ecommerce business where content marketing, SEO, Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, retargeting and email marketing may be used for customer acquisition and […]

eCommerce vs. Brick and Mortar: What Last Year’s Holiday Figures Tell Us About the Future of Commerce

We’re going to cover the following topics:   Sales Were Up But Habits Are Changing     Mastercard’s SpendingPulse says that total retail sales rose 4% from November 1 through December 24. That’s a bit above the 3.6% growth estimate from the National Retail Federation. It’s also a nice boost over the 3.2% increase that […]

Magento AWS – The Definitive Hosting Guide

CONTENTS: Cloud Computing and AWS Who to use cloud services? Any special requirements? Installing Magento in AWS What is managed hosting? Talking to a cloud hosting provider Is AWS secure? Suitable AWS EC2 Instances Installing Magento on AWS EC2 (Guide)   Cloud Computing and AWS   Cloud computing is a network-based shared computing model, where […]