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Cart Abandonment: 63 Mind-Blowing Stats & 17 Ways To Crush It Right Now [+INFOGRAPHIC]

If you can reduce the number of cart abandonments, your income will increase significantly. However, to be able to do that you need to know the reasons and how to tackle the problems.

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How to Make More Sales On Instagram in 5 Steps?

Being an e-merchant, you have no other option than to take Instagram seriously, as there are giant potentials lying within it for selling and for reaching out to your audience.

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eDM Marketing: Definition, Mistakes to Avoid and 3 Indicators You Need to Watch

In today’s article we take a closer look at electronic direct marketing, consider what we have to pay special attention to if we want to build a community, and examine some outbound email statistics.

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Ecommerce Stats: Hard Facts You Can Use to Boost Conversion in 2017 [+INFOGRAPHIC]

We’re going through very useful ecommerce statistics. We’ll also go into detail about why and how the users purchase or actually don’t purchase on a given page, about which channels are the most effective and at what stage mobile shopping exactly is.

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Facebook for eCommerce – How to Multiply Your Sales Today

This article will help you use the biggest social media site successfully in ecommerce. An ecommerce store cannot neglect social media – most of them do anyway. Even those online shops that are on Facebook, usually don’t invest very much energy in that.

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13 eCommerce Retargeting Methods & Bonus Case Studies to Boost your Conversion

We introduced the basics of retargeting to you in one of our previous articles, we explained what this tool is, how you should use it, what are its tricks. Now we are further elaborating this topic: we show you case studies, successful ecommerce retargeting campaigns that have already proven to work.

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17 practical ecommerce link building techniques

Recently we shared with you a detailed article on the basics of ecommerce link building, including some useful practical tips – however, we don’t think that would suffice.

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Business Intelligence: basics you need to know

In this article about BI (Business Intelligence) we attempt to walk around the topic with a practical approach: where the concept of business intelligence derives from, what relationship it has with the collected data, how a company database can support the processes of an enterprise and what roles data have in this system.

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120 Actionable eCommerce Guides to Skyrocket Your Business [CATEGORIZED]

If you’re an online shop owner, you’re interested in ecommerce and you’d like to continuously learn more about this topic, you should definitely check out this awesome list of 120 ecommerce guides and blog posts!